Strangers Don't Run Out Today

Our new album Strangers Don't Run is now out on iTunes and Apple Music! Featuring the singles Only About Us, Until The Day You Start To Fall and No Man's Land!

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Only About Us

Our first single from our new album Strangers Don't Run, Only About Us is out now!


Payola Out Now!

Our 5th and final singles madness release Payola is out now on Spotify, iTunes and Vevo

Hyper Saturated Singles!

Singles Madness is rolling onto Hyper Saturated! Listen to exclusive b-sides such as Oxygen Road and Escaping The Night on Transient Investment and Absence Of Visible Lights singles now on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. 


The Faces Are Never The Same (Dissolve Remix)

The Faces Are Never The Same (Dissolve Remix) is the first single from singles madness, listen to it on itunes and spotify!

Singles Madness

5 Singles coming soon! Including Remixes, B-sides and new tracks!

Yesterday on Standing Out From The Crowd
Music business…
Mark: we’re in an age where it’s easier than ever to create music and release it to your fan base, however it’s possibly the hardest time to stand out from the crowd as there is no easy way for people to discover you. My personal issue with the current music industry is artists have to do all of the hard work and then pay out for a chance to get their music exposed. I voice my opinion on some of these topics in our new single Transient Investment, written about the idea that once you’ve created all the content yourself, honed your skills and attracted a fan base. Labels come along and make all their money off your hard work.
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AVALive Radio Behind The Music With Jacqueline Jax!

Hear us talking about Music, Recording and Absence Of Visible Light 40 mintues in!

"Terrific Song Full Of Energy" 

"Their Production Is Amazing"

"Wonderfully creative, unique, It's got a very fresh sound" 

- Jacqueline Jax on Abence Of Visible Light

Read our pre show interview here! 

“I wanted to write a song with more political undertones and this was around the time of the UK elections, a lot of people seemed to be angry about the elected candidate and their policies, which in turn inspired the song. The name derived from the dark.” – @BandYesterday

Transient Investment (Music Video)

Our new music video for Transient Investment is now on Vevo!
The video was filmed in Switzerland over Easter! 

Saturation (Music Video)

The music video for Saturation has hit VEVO! Watch it below.

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