YESTERDAY give new album Hyper Realism away

Free via Bandcamp on the 1st June


Yesterday is back with the second instalment of their Hyper series, Hyper Realism. For fans of The Darkness, Foo Fighters and Muse the bands 5th album continues to broaden their horizons delving into bluesy numbers such as Down Deep in the Blue & Sounds Like Something… I’ve Heard Before, acoustic pieces like Last Minute Of Sunset and the electronic soundscapes of Plasma. In true Yesterday style Hyper Realism also includes the Ukulele-electronic hybrid experiment of Eternal Essence as well as new classic Yesterday tracks like Into The Fire & the feel good anthem Get The Night On Your Side.

“The Young band of the century smashed out some amazing sounds all written by the band members and performed to a high class” – Collaboration Events on Yesterday live

Hyper Realism is the ongoing vision of Yesterdays Mark & Peter Hurton who co-write and produce the majority of the bands material. Their 5th album is the sound of the band refining and experimenting with their sound and it sets the pace for what is going to be a busy year for the band being the 1st of 3 planned studio albums.

The band will release Hyper Realism for FREE exclusively on Band Camp. The album’s first single, Down Deep in the Blue, will be released in the last week of May.